A review of Rorschach #1–5

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When I first wrote about this comic, it was the just the first issue summarized in a snippy haiku. Now I’m four more issues in, and I’m here to say that my assessment of the book has moved from a dismissive joke to a rant on a series’ wasted potential.

I saw no potential at first in writer Tom King and artist Jorge Fornés’ latest assist in helping to keep Alan Moore’s characters in DC Comics’ hands.

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A found poem compiled from January’s alternative fact headlines

The great injection fraud! It’s not a Vaxxine!

Project Camelot! Trump team leaks the plan!

This may be the end of the traitorous congress!

Georgia Dominion machines are down in three Republican areas!

There’s evidence of vanished votes in Pennsylvania!

Election theater is cover for the global extermination agenda!

The Deep State had their chance! Trump ready to go!

It’s on! You are ready! Military is ready! Patriots are ready for 1/6/21!

Bill Gates deleted documentary!

DC Police escort Antifa buses into town!

Trump prepares to go to war!

It’s prison for Pence!

Doctors around world issue dire warning: Do…

A review of Post Americana #1

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I don’t know if I’m going to pick up this book again. Part of me really doesn’t want to out of fatigue. After only the first issue.

After the attempted coup on January 6, I’ve had it with American dystopia Mad Max rip off stories where all the heroes look cool. This would have been perfect if it had been done earlier, like the 1980's.

That’s not sarcasm or faint praise either. This is a fun book to look at on the surface. Writer/artist Steve Skroce is getting his Geoff Darrow on, and the pages have shades of Darrow’s collaborations…

A Review of Shitshow #1

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Shitshow is yet another dystopian superhero story, but I ended up smiling when I read this comic. I may have even chuckled. I hope the creators intended that.

Since my recent look at Dark Knights Death Metal #7, I started to think about how the last ten-plus years have given us — like it or not — a nineties revival, with work that harks back to the glory days of Rob Liefeld, Todd McFarlane and their extreme ilk. I blame this on DC’s New 52 and Bob Harras, who was one of the top brass employed at Marvel in the…

A review of Sea of Sorrows #1–2

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This is a quick review because there’s not a lot to say about the book. It’s one of the first random books I bought off the rack last year once I resolved to review comics again. I don’t check any preview sites because I like as few spoilers as possible. Besides, a book like this already wears it’s premise on its sleeve. I took my time with writing about the book partly because real world events kept me distracted, but also the book bothered me a little. Willing to admit the problem is me, but hear me out.

Writer Rich…

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Dark Knights: Death Metal #7 by Scott Snyder…

U.S. Agent Issues #1–2

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John Walker, aka U.S. Agent, was created in the 80’s. First he was Superpatriot, a Reganesque counterpart to Marvel’s Captain America who took over for the Captain in a controversial storyline that had at least one dear friend of mine drop the series for good out of disgust. Walker didn’t perform or cope well at all, and he gave up the shield little over a year later. Without writer and co-creator Mark Guenwald guiding the character, U.S. Agent since has mostly been a whipping boy and punchline for both the writers and audience over the last three decades. That might…

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A found poem compiled from December’s alternative fact headlines

A deep dark world is being exposed!

Is Joe Biden preparing to concede?!?

Biden booted?!? Judge Roberts Epstein connection!

Rumors emerge of Biden seeking pardon deal from Trump!

There is no virus! The latest proof! A must video!

Trump should declare martial law to avoid civil war!

This is not an election! It’s a sting operation!

The momentum is shifting! Deep State panic at all time high!

Rogue government must be abolished by the people!

This is just the beginning! Evidence is surfacing!

Michigan voices tear down Democrat walls! So amazing!

The election theft is coming unraveled!

It begins and…

A look at the recently completed and collected Billionaire Island comic series

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We‘re almost to the end of 2020, which is more than over a quarter-million of COVID-19 victims can say. The slight majority of America have hopefully realized what happens when you elect a wealthy celebrity businessman with money into an elected office. We get a person who doesn’t know what he’s doing and doesn’t care. So they do what they naturally do, which is capitalize on their position to benefit themselves and other business partners (but mostly themselves). And if unhindered enough, they can cause near-irreversible damage to everyone around them. …

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A found poem compiled from November’s alternative fact headlines

President Trump’s clear path to 270 and the election win!

President finally unleashes his secret weapon!

Alert! The election fix is on!

Democrats collude with ClA to launch intelligence operation!

Deep State planning the Red Mirage!

Patriots know the playbook! Countermeasures in place!

Dirty Democrats openly cheating!

Fraud, upon fraud, upon fraud!

When crooks and con men take over your government!

Election insanity! They stop counting votes!

It does not exist! The virus does not exist!

Biden voters are electing their future Suppressor in Chief!

Trump traps Democrats with ingenious sting operation set in motion in 2017!

Americans have now…

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