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A found poem compiled from October’s alternative fact headlines

October arrives! Deep State harvest time!

Reptilian humanoids! Illuminati reptilians! Space Force! Fake moon landings!

Will you take the vaxxine?

Deep State playbook used against them!

POTUS beats Coup-vid!

Did you see what Trump Just did?!? Deep State narrative destroyed!

I was voting for Biden but this changed my mind to Trump!

New Jersey preps for widespread forced vaccinations!

Boom! The highest level treason event in modern history!

Total declassification without redactions, Red October, patriots on the hunt!

Mark of the Beast covid vaccine!

The United States of COVID!

You must resist the upcoming “free vaccine!”

Deep State pushing the last part of their plan! …

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A found poem compiled from September’s alternative fact headlines

Trump exposes invisible enemy hidden in dark shadows! Deep State panic!

CDC and Fauci Confirm! COVID-19 Scamdemic was a hoax!

Boom! New data explodes COVID case count lie!

Dark forces infiltrated the US by blackmailing those at the top!

The truth shall be revealed about 9/11!

Fabricating a pandemic! Who could organize it and why?!?

ANTIFA! BLM! Drones! Mug shots! Hybrids! Something’s very wrong!

Anthony Fauci’s first fraud exposed!

The real agenda! Their end game!

Military was the key! Deep State events failed! Public awakening!

Patriots have known all along! The exposure will destroy the Deep State!

A coup in the making! …

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A found poem compiled from August’s alternative fact headlines

Horrors of Bill Gates Covid-19 vaccine!

America come back to God or face destruction!

Jesus is the answer to everything!

Trump’s October surprise!

Concentration classrooms and modern slavery!

The left’s plan to arrest Trump is underway!

The first arrests will shock the world!

Absolutely breathtaking! It’s worse than we originally thought!

The first arrests will shock the world!

Chinese mystery seeds! Dragon symbols! George Floyd?!?

Joe Biden ends Joe Biden’s career!

The swamp is being exposed for all to see, my fellow Americans!

The smoking gun has been found!

Operation Green Light! POTUS insulated & protected!

Time to take the country back! …

A look at Garth Ennis’ The Boys: Dear Becky #1–5

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It’s both a good and bad time to be Garth Ennis. His comic strip series The Boys is being adapted to a TV series on Amazon. That hopefully means money for him and co-creator Darick Robertson. On the other hand, most people who first knew it as a comic agree it’s watered down. I haven’t seen it yet, but given the content of the comic series (including the rape and cannibalization of infants), how could it not be? This recently caused people on my Twitter feed to revisit the original stories, and they weren’t being remembered fondly. On top of that, The Boys is published by Dynamite, a comic book company found that got involved with the trolls behind the Comicsgate movement. Now Ennis’ return to the property with the limited series The Boys: Dear Becky is getting panned online. …

Batman: Three Jokers #1–3

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Geoff Johns to Tom King:

“No, I’m the chosen one who

improves Alan Moore!”

Rorschach #1 by Not The Original Writer

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Rorschach’s journal: Dead.

DC keeps telling story

with only rough notes.

A Review of Happy Happy Joy Joy — The Ren and Stimpy Story

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Happy Happy Joy Joy — The Ren and Stimpy Story is the new documentary about the groundbreaking cartoon and its problematic driving force, John Kricfalusi. When I finished watching it, I checked to see if directors Ron Cicero and Kimo Easterwood had once worked on “The Ren & Stimpy Show.” They never did, which makes it seem all the more generous how they dispel the image of Kricfalusi, — whose history of grooming and abusing underage girls was made public in 2018 — as the show’s sole mastermind. Cicero and Easterwood do their best give “Ren &Stimpy” back not only to the fans but to the multiple creators who worked on the show.

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A found poem compiled from July’s alternative fact headlines

CDC blows COVID narrative! Media goes into high gear to cover it up fast!

Deep State hijacks cell phones nationwide to push COVID-19 hoax!

Deep State’s worst nightmare has come true! We the people!

The fall of the cabal! End of the world! The world is about to change!

Did you hear the cannon! The hot summer is here, Evil is being exposed!

Naming names! The beginning of the end for them?!?

Coming soon to a Walmart near you! Will you go?!?

There’s something strange happening in Washington D.C.!

Is this torture?!? You decide!

Important! We are being played! …

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A found poem compiled from June’s alternative fact headlines

How Black Lives Matter is used by the elite!

Why they want chaos! Do you see what’s happening?!?

Everything is at stake! Nothing can stop what is coming! Nothing!

Deep State power structure dismantled! Think military! Think arrests!

They managed to get inside the crashed UFO before the military arrived!

Only at the right moment will people find the will to change!

The assassination of JFK Jr.: The back story!

We are all being played! Wonder what will be next!

Antifa members protesting George Soros demanding their payments!

They just infiltrated Antifa and revealed the biggest secret yet!

Mere coincidences or something else?!? …

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A found poem compiled from May’s alternative fact headlines

A bombshell story drops! And no one is covering it!

Trump and the coming change!

Boom week ahead! It’s about to break! Enjoy the show!

Bill Barr is the hammer! Boom!

The George Soros connection to Wuhan!

The Pedophile indictments are near!

Joe Biden demolished!

Q Anon vindicated?!?

Pizzagate is real!

It’s worse than we thought!

Gates wants us all vaccinated!

Why do they keep warning about a “second wave” of Covid-19?!?

The collapse is based on a lie!

Is this a manufactured crisis?!?

The micro-chipped new world order!

The mark of the beast is upon us!

Targets painted and locked! …


Chad Parenteau

Poet for Hire. Link to buy my new book, The Collapsed Bookshelf, available via my website:

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