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A Weekend Watching the Stormwatcher

A found poem made up of headlines from this past week’s stories

Trump faces first natural disaster as Hurricane Harvey looms.

Trump threatens shutdown, suggests controversial pardon at Arizona rally.

Hurricane Harvey: Two major government agencies tasked with disaster response have no permanent directors.

Trump’s final message as monster hurricane approaches Texas: “Good luck.”

Trump pardons former Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Trump signs directive banning transgender military recruits.

Trump’s pardon of anti-immigrant former Sheriff Arpaio sparks criticism, some support.

Trump asked Sessions about closing case against Arpaio, an ally since “birtherism.”

Jeff Sessions “advised Donald Trump against pardoning Joe Arpaio.”

Arpaio on pardon: I am humbled.

Arpaio on pardon: Thought it was fake document.

Trump aide claims people don’t care about Arpaio pardon.

Fate of transgender already in military unclear under order.

Trump keeps tabs on Harvey and its aftermath from Camp David.

Harvey spins deeper inland; full scope of damage is unknown.

Harvey hammers Rockport, Texas; 1 dead.

Ryan Zinke, Trump hear desperate appeals to save national monument areas.

Confederate flag sales up for sole U.S. manufacturer.

Trump accused of using Hurricane Harvey as cover.

Trump says Harvey response “going well” as millions brace for historic flooding.

2 dead as rising floodwaters trap hundreds stranded in wake of Harvey.

With military ban looming, first openly transgender West Point graduate looks for other work.

Arpaio, 85, hints at return to politics after pardon from Trump.

NASCAR fans: Confederate flag still important symbol.

Interim police chief resigns amid report of connection to neo-Nazi websites.

Confederate flag sales booming after Charlottesville.

Trump can’t stop marveling at the size of Hurricane Harvey on Twitter.

Catastrophic floods strike Houston; thousands flee homes.

Harvey: “Unprecedented” flooding “beyond anything expected” inundates Houston area, at least 3 dead.

Trump rescinded Obama’s proposed flood risk rules weeks before Hurricane Harvey hit.

EPA will no longer sponsor the annual climate leadership awards.

Confederate flag sales surge nationwide.

“NRA’s video message to “elites”: “We’re coming for you.”

Mexican troops saved American lives after Katrina — would Trump let them do it after Harvey?

Trump likely to end deferred action for childhood arrivals immigrant program.

Harvey spins deeper inland; full scope of damage is unknown.

Trump set to roll back limits on military gear for police.

Trump’s firm sought Moscow real estate deal during presidential run.

Donald Trump “might refuse to leave the White House when his term ends,” historian warns.

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