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Clinton Crash!

A found poem compiled from November’s alternative fact headlines

Evidence of secret weapon used in California fires!

Hillary Clinton set-up Don Jr.’s Trump Tower meeting!

Islamic convert is shooter in church shooting in Sutherland, Texas! He left online manifesto!

God says military tribunals for swamp!

At east one million Illegals voted for Hillary!

George Soros’ right hand man arrested for rape and human trafficking!

Jeff Sessions owns Vegas attack helicopter company!

New documents show Sandy Hook shooter was FBI insider!

Harvard University orders students to have anal sex!

Hillary took briefcases of Russian cash For Uranium One deal!

NASA confirms Earth has a second moon!

Secret Illuminati mural shows Obama as demon!

Hillary Clinton received five billion rubles to out gay congressmen!

Navy seal discloses Area 51 secrets!

Soros and royalty killed kids!

Witness about to expose Hillary Clinton is missing, feared dead!

Illegal aliens who murdered US border agent were allowed in by Obama!

Hillary Clinton child sex tape will prove D.C. pedophile ring is real!

Senator bombshell: “Soros seeking to head one world government!”

Sessions bribed!

Wolf Blitzer a pedo!

Hillary faces thirteen criminal charges — decades in prison!

Xbox Kinect sees demons everywhere!

Ex-secret service agent threatens to drop new details about Bill Clinton and “Lolita Express!”

Police uncover kindergarten pedophile ring linked to Clintons!

Trump using military tribunals on swamp!

New evidence links Hillary with death of John F. Kennedy Jr.!

Jackie Kennedy killed JFK!

Hillary Clinton could face death penalty over Uranium One deal!

250 million live on moon!

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Poet for Hire. Link to buy my new book, The Collapsed Bookshelf, available via my website:

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