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Don’t Rise, Don’t Kneel

A found poem made up of headlines from this past week’s stories

Former St. Louis officer, Jason Stockley, acquitted in shooting of black driver.

“Unlawful assembly” warning to protesters.

Protests break out in downtown St. Louis after cop is acquitted.

St. Louis cop calls Black Lives Matter “Klan with A tan” and “domestic terrorists.”

There have been protests in St. Louis for four days, but Trump hasn’t acknowledged them.

President Trump attacks NFL player protests.

Protesters tell police: ‘Stop killing us.”

Police say they “owned” the night after 80 arrests.

Trump: NFL owners should fire national anthem protesters.

St. Louis protests continue, police arrest more than 100 people and vow: “This is our city.”

123 arrested in third day of protests, St. Louis police report.

Woman knocked over by police during demonstration charged with “interfering.”

Journalists say they were beaten and arrested by police while covering demonstrations.

St. Louis officers chant “whose streets, our streets” while arresting protesters.

8-year-old football players kneel during the national anthem.

Nick Cannon protests in St. Louis wearing Colin Kaepernick jersey.

Trump on national anthem protests: “Get that son of a bitch off the field right now.”

“We get out here and disrupt.” More than 140 People arrested amid protests in St. Louis.

Some forcibly arrested in St. Louis weren’t protesting.

Trump goes after NFL players harder than white supremacists or Putin.

St. Louis police to get body cameras.

NBA champion Warriors aren’t welcome at the White House.

St. Louis aldermen pass resolution remembering Anthony Lamar Smith, angering police.

Trump rescinds Stephen Curry’s invitation to White House.

Trump’s NFL remarks score with his core supporters.

Trump: Nobody is going to mess with our people.

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Wall sand racismnow share the same transparency.

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