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Even Pizzagate’s on the Bourdain Train

A found poem compiled from June’s alternative fact headlines

ABC hired record number of convicted pedophiles In last 12 months!

Trump assassination plot at G7!

Chelsea Clinton admits Pizzagate is real!

Barack Obama handed kids to child sex traffickers, senate report says!

Justin Trudeau’s dad raped Cathy Obrien!

Anthony Bourdain was killed by Clinton operatives!

Trump to receive Nobel Peace Prize for saving world from nuclear annihilation!

Anthony Bourdain was about to expose elite pedophiles before death!

Hillary assassinated Stevens! Boom!

Hillary Clinton ran child sex ring!

NASA whistleblower admits we have been lied to about global warming!

Batman shooter, James Holmes, was given CIA ”brainwashing drug!”

Arrest traitors in FBI and DOJ!

Vaccines are child abuse! Mind-blowing truth!

Bill Clinton’s Cardinal faces prison for raping child!

Obama appointed known pedophile to run child detention facility!

Deep state plants suitcase nukes!

Bill Gates: I stopped Trump from investigating vaccines!

Hillary killed JFK Jr, almost got Gore!

Maxine Waters faces 5 years in prison for inciting violent riots!

Former Clinton aide indicted for child sex trafficking!

Obama’s Netflix under investigation for streaming child porn scenes!

Obama’s colonel accused of raping two children!

Clinton sex cult leader: “I Am Lucifer!”

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Poet for Hire. Link to buy my new book, The Collapsed Bookshelf, available via my website:

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