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From Fiction to Science Fiction

A found poem compiled from August’s alternative fact headlines

Healing with silver oxygen smart bombs!

Trump proposes identification card for buying day to day groceries!

Main threat to Donald Trump is assassination attempt!

QAnon tied to Trump assassination plot!

9/11 planes proven holograms!


Ukraine coup triggered by IRS audit of Clinton Foundation!

Mueller, McCabe stole money from Russian for Hillary! Busted!

The construction of the new border wall in New Mexico is on track!

Operation Omarosa to get traitor Kelly fired!

Bush Clinton space pedophile rings unravel!

Proof Mueller used British spy to frame Trump!

Obama, Bush, Clinton collusion revealed!

Hollywood pedophile bombshells!

Biological causes for a possible US Civil War!

Antigrav drones start fires with lightning!

Hawaii plant altered time with scalar weapons?!?

Mike Pence a pedophile!

Paddock’s girlfriend was FBI!

Chertoff indicted over 9/11!

Bush arrested for JFK assassination!

Extinction level event in progress!

Scientists have mathematically discovered a bomb under the universe!

Jacksonville shooting during drill! Confirmed!

Time Travel — What our government is doing!

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Poet for Hire. Link to buy my new book, The Collapsed Bookshelf, available via my website:

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