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Kill Hill: A Look Back at 2016

A collection of headlines from the alternative news headlines of 2016

Turn off the fake news!

Sandy Hook GAME OVER: 100% HOAX!

Hillary Clinton had sex with Monica!

Hillary raped minor & said: “Eat me, oh god, eat me now!”

Desperate Hillary trying to bribe Trump to fall on sword!

Help put HildaBeast in jail! Huge news!

Hillary Clinton child rape photos — release imminent!

Orlando was CIA operation — new evidence!

God’s final warning to Donald Trump! Listen or lose!

20,000 death toll in Russia due to mystery disease!

Tell Trump vaccines cause autism and cancer! Dead doctors had cure!

This video guarantees Trump wins!

Internal polls show Trump landslide!

Hillary’s worst coughing fit! Fake news cuts feed!

Hillary coughs up green alien eggs?

These Trump videos prove God is real!

Hillary Clinton child rape ends her campaign!

Russia leaks shocking truth on Hillary Clinton!

Russian intel exposes fake Hillary!

Hillary plane crash bombshell!

Hillary injured brain in covered up plane crash!

Syria has audio of US planning strike on Syrian army with ISIS! Game over!

Alex Jones breaks Hillary child rape of Cathy O’Brien!

Hillary and the DemonRats caught rigging the election on hidden camera!

Hillary screams — if Trump wins we hang by nooses!

Operation drain the swamp started by US intel!

Hillary Clinton busted for pedophilia on Weiner’s laptop!

The Second American Revolution begins!

They already show Hillary the winner! Election is total FRAUD!

Flag officers stopped Hillary’s steal by rogue CIA!

Joe Biden caught fondling child!

Hillary caught stealing election! God says no!

PizzaGate shooting to shut down free speech!

New video proves Obama birth certificate fake! Lock him up!

EMP bio attack to stop Trump December 19th! US intel report!

Sheriff proves Obama birth certificate forged!

Leaked video proves Alex Jones is Russian agent!

Watch Russia rip face off fake news! We just teamed up!

Bill to testify against Hillary! Will she kill Bill?

God’s message for Trump fans! Relax!

Nobody died in the Boston bombing either!

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