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Masons, Martians & the Hollywood Minute

A found poem compiled from September’s alternative fact headlines

ER actress executed over George Clooney!

Stop tweeting, start military tribunals!

Trump Drains SES and we win!

Treason indictments coming! Mueller flips!

Pence passed secret note in Mason handshake!

Hillary snuff video resurfaces! Boom!

Deep state threatens doomsday weapon!

Comey indictment! Mueller flips!

FBI shuts down solar observatory as “super flare” heads towards Earth!

FBI evacuates & shuts down solar observatory, denies alien involvement!

Democrats panic as Manafort rats on Clinton’s inner circle!

9/11 Grand Jury! Arrests imminent!

Fake News involved in 9/11 Attack!

51,000 swamp indictments — Q fairy tale!

Congress given evidence that 100% exonerates Kavanaugh, lawyer claims!

Sessions framing Trump in NY!

Rosenstein indictment! Sessions spied on Trump!

Christine Ford busted! Safeway only had one door!

Trump deals with Rat Rosenstein for Mueller’s head!

Democrat rep. caught slipping mysterious envelope to Dr. Ford’s lawyer!

Congress passes resolution to expose who really orchestrated 9/11!

Christine Blasey Ford’s deep ties to the CIA uncovered!

Trump blackmailed! Master Mason tells all!

Lindsay Lohan punched in face after trying to kidnap refugee children!

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Poet for Hire. Link to buy my new book, The Collapsed Bookshelf, available via my website:

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