Only Aliens Will Have Guns

A found poem compiled from March’s alternative fact headlines

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Venezuela is the trip wire to war! Trump has no choice!

The Deep State’s new playbook against Trump!

Beware false flag soon!

Military tribunals fake! Q fake! Patriots push Trump to act not tweet!

One Million illegals to invade our border this year!

New Zealand terror attack to take guns!?!

Nebraska nuclear plant in danger! people fleeing!

New evidence ties Trump-Russia dossier to George Soros!

New Zealand shooters cartridges disappear in mid-air!

New Zealand Prime Minister a tranny!?!

Bill Clinton, Barack Obama are Reptilians says US Navy whistleblower!

New Zealand massacre faked! Most extreme censorship in world!

Whistle blower: “I organized the Christchurch mosque shooting!”

Mueller vindicates Trump!

No planes hit the Twin Towers! Undeniable proof will wake up most!

Trey, Gowdy and Graham planning Hillary indictment!

New texts show Obama was briefed on Deep State spying!

YouTube acquiesces to George Soros!

Recession reset! Market crash incoming!

Ginsburg dead, audio faked! Demand proof of life!

Vets and POWs prove John McCain treason!

Trump to close southern border! Migrant invasion pushes north!

Something BIG discovered in Antarctica!

Astounding information relating to Hillary, Merkel, Soros!

Whistleblower testimony on alien war changes everything!

Beware of the coming alien savior!

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Screen shot of completely unrelated Alex Jones presented here without comment.

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Poet for Hire. Link to buy my new book, The Collapsed Bookshelf, available via my website:

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