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Post-Apocalypse Jollies

A found poem compiled from April’s alternative fact headlines

The Pacific is virtually DEAD!

Life after Armageddon! Do you have the skill sets needed to survive?

President Trump taking down Deep State!

DOJ, FBI ratting each other out! Indictments coming!

Time to investigate Hillary, DNC and Comey!

Trump calling it TREASON! DemonRats freaking!

Two thirds of congress just indicted for trafficking!

Clinton sex cult confirmation! Guilty plea entered!

Biden caught joking about molesting children!

Worker says woman killed by nanobot mosquito!

What really caused the Notre Dame Cathedral fire?

Did the USSR destroy a secret US moon base?

Donald Trump was framed! The coup has failed!

Antigravity! They HID IT to enslave us! We know what you did!

Notre Dame fire may have been act of terrorism!

Illuminati sex slaves paint horrifying picture!

You’ve been warned! You saw it on Star Trek!

Mueller Report confirms Russia has leverage over Bill Clinton!

Julian Assange shouts cryptic message to Trump upon arrest!

Obama rips Bible, praises Koran!

Trump finally dropping the hammer!

Arson says Notre Dame architect! Fake News fairy tale collapses!

The Black Fire Nephilim giants are alive!

Demons loosed at Notre Dame’s Cathedral fire!

Trump Was Right! Nineteen states allow infanticide!

Doctors who found cancer in vaccines found dead!

Superbug apocalypse! Can oxygen silver bullets help?

Old TV shows told truth! Measles no big deal!

9/11 was Nothing compared to what is next!

Ancient Alaska pyramid can power Canada!

Written by

Poet for Hire. Link to buy my new book, The Collapsed Bookshelf, available via my website:

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