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Red, White and Blue Buttons

A found poem compiled from January’s alternative fact headlines

Our starships in orbit revealed!

They want YOU dead! this is how!

Bannon bribed $8 million to gut Trump!

Trump bringing trillions to rebuild America!

Is Twitter spying on Trump’s private messages!?!

The epic X-Files red pill!

Trump assassination plot revealed!

World War 3 with aliens! Boy sees future in Heaven!

Hawaii missile alert from Canada!

World War 3 looms over 2018 Winter Olympic!

Deep state threatens to nuke USA!

Timothy McVeigh alive! We got scammed!

French shot down Hawaii missile!

Is your laundry detergent giving you cancer!?!

MRI lie detectors drain swamp! Stops deep state treason!

$475 trillion to USA by France! Debt paid off!

Trump: Flu shots inject bad stuff!

Robert Mueller covered up 9/11 info! Treason!

QAnon exposes Obama/Hillary 16-year coup d’état plan!

Secret space program revealed by Navy man!

Andrew McCabe arrested! MAGA!

Written by

Poet for Hire. Link to buy my new book, The Collapsed Bookshelf, available via my website:

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