Since you’re all about language…

Your title should read, “The Case for Banning The DiDi Delgado…” Your title suggests that a) the author was banned b) you had anything to do with it c) you have any power at all to make this happen.

None of the above is true (no matter how much you tag Medium staff), and wishful thinking does not help you here.

Yes, I realize you were trying to do a riff on DiDi’s title, but you need to realize it doesn’t even work as a riff.

Also, judging you by your apparent standards on language, you automatically lose any argument here by writing “a — “ twice in your essay.

It doesn’t matter that you were quoting another person’s naughty words. You could have replaced each “s” with a dash (as I did) to throw off anyone under the age of two.

So you lose. Tough poopy.

These and other points were part of my abandoned opus “In Defense of Laughing at Traditional Tradesman’s Article” (which actually happened). I abandoned said opus because it only would have been a glorified internet comment.

Which is kinda what this is.

Which is kinda what your article is.

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