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Summer of Thugs 2: Electric Thugaloo

Senators vacate Washington, a president’s recriminations ringing in their ears.

Trump signs “flawed” Russia sanctions, rips Congress.

Trump reportedly calls White House “a real dump.”

Donald Trump denies calling the White House a “dump.”

White House set for renovations as Trump takes first vacation.

North Korea carries out “unprecedented” test of submarine missile system.

South Korea showed off a missile that could kill Kim Jong Un deep inside a bunker.

China warns Trump over North Korea: “Don’t stab us in the back.”

U.S. prepared to launch “preventive war” against North Korea.

Frustrated Trump threatens firing army commander.

Donald Trump is steadily firing everyone who helped him win.

Trump has declared war on Trumpism.

Trump removes Anthony Scaramucci from Communications Director role.

Anthony Scaramucci’s White House resignation linked to dating rumors.

Divorce for “Housewives” star after 7 months.

Fox News’ Eric Bolling suspended amid sexting investigation.

Wife who died in Olathe murder-suicide had filed for divorce.

Missouri man kills 2 young sons, then himself.

Father pleads guilty to fatally beating infant son and burying his remains because he wouldn’t stop crying.

Republicans try to move forward.

Republicans still want to investigate Hillary Clinton.

Calls to investigate Clinton pose a challenge to U.S. political norms.

Republicans give Trump what he wants — new Clinton inquiries.

‘Why don’t you kill yourself,’ bullies urged 12-year-old who committed suicide.

Suicides in teen girls hit 40-year high.

Trump whips up supporters against Russia probe.

Senators move to protect special counsel in Russia probe.

Christie vs. Cubs fan takes bizarre, World Wrestling Entertainment style turn.

“Big Brother” fight so violent, producer steps in.

Airport worker “punches” man holding baby after delay complaint.

Acid attacks now so widespread, public need training in helping victims.

NAACP issues its first statewide travel advisory, for Missouri.

Ann Coutler blames Marajuana for Making “people retarded” and “destroying the country.”

Trump argues he won New Hampshire because it is a “drug-infested den.”

Here’s what to do if you witness an acid attack.

Here’s why the NAACP issued it’s first-ever travel advisory for a U.S. state.

Trump supports bill that would cut legal immigration by half.

Trump says he wants immigrants “who speak English” and won’t “collect welfare.”

Jeff Sessions moves to punish sanctuary cities.

Justice Department threatens to cut funds for San Bernardino despite it not being a sanctuary city.

Justice Department to take on affirmative action in college admissions.

Someone threw a bomb through a mosque window in Minnesota.

Missouri is legalizing discrimination?

Obama was great for the guns business — and Trump’s been terrible.

Gun sales in post-election lull, but “not all gloom and doom.”

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Ironic, isn’t it?

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