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The End is Near for Another Month

A found poem compiled from May’s alternative fact headlines

Joe Biden quits presidential race over lying and plagiarism!

Hologram grid in our sky? Mindblowing video!

Bill Barr just exposed the devious trap Mueller tried to set for him!

Viruses — several of them — are falling from the sky by the billions!

Call to action! Jail Hillary Clinton March! Memorial Day weekend!

If I keep talking, they’ll kill me! War with Iran coming!

Elites are ready! Strike coming within 24 hours? Sleepers in place?

New video proves no planes on 9/11! Expose the biggest hoax in history!

Trump preparing public for justice! Justice Is pouring down on earth!

Who is Lucifer? The horrifying truth uncovered inside Vatican City!

Insider terrified with what just happened! Major events happening!

No planes hit the towers! Just crappy CGI composites!

Radioactive nuclear coffin! All lights suspended!

Ocean drops! Conflict imminent!

Academic study shows racism has declined under Trump!

Trump told do Iran War or be flushed down toilet!

Hillary involved in sex slavery and Satanism says whistleblower!

George H.W. Bush seen in Arizona! He’s alive say multiple sources!

Demon magicians! Cameras prove not sleight of hand!

Iran secret weapon can sink US ships!

Eyes Wide Shut, the next Hollywood scandal!

Iran War starts in October White House source reports!

Creepy Uncle Joe strikes again!

Written by

Poet for Hire. Link to buy my new book, The Collapsed Bookshelf, available via my website:

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