The End is Nigh for Another Month

Another found poem compiled from August’s alternative fact headlines

North Korea now able to nuke U.S. mainland!

DNC is surrounded by corruption, mystery and murder!

Communist China has taken control of Hollywood!

Warning: Top generals moving against President Trump!

Globalists want to destroy America and bring back feudalism!

Jeff Sessions drops hammer Friday on scum!

100% proof Jeff Sessions compromised and fake!

Man contacts aliens in Oklahoma!

Intelligence Agency caught H.R. McMaster briefing George Soros on White House takeover!

Top British newspapers say prepare for nuclear war!

Eclipse blamed for grid attack by Syndicate!

Canada’s border shut down!

Commie hellhole North Korea cannot destroy the U.S.!

NASA engineer leaks moon base photo!

Pieczenik: controlled opposition behind Charlottesville rally!

Leftist groups chanting, “Death to America” remove statues!

Lock em up or we will!

Emergency! Purge of conservative sites and platforms has begun!

Trump exposes #1 enemy of America!

Senile Democrat elites pushing country towards civil war!

Hillary Clinton killed the Democrats!

Fireman saw nobody at Sandy Hook! Google banned this!

FBI Robert Mueller Tied to 9/11! Boom! Tweet Trump!

Final proof Michelle Obama a man!?!

Nobody ever said it would be easy to take the country back!

Actual photo used in Michelle Obama story. Because nuclear war but, y’know, priorities.

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