The Year I Channeled Stan Lee

In November, Stan Lee, better known to some as Smilin’ Stan, passed away. He was Marvel’s Editor (later publisher) in the sixties and one of the main driving forces for all the Marvel Comics characters most people know today from their movies. By the seventies, he stopped being hands on with the company but remained its public face, maintaining the persona of a huckster and showman for the characters he helped cultivate nearly up until his death. He was both beloved and polarizing. People will continue to debate exactly how much he had a hand in creating the characters his name was attached to. Whatever side you fall on, it will be hard to admit the artists who gave them life went through their best years underthanked in comparison. And yet, few could deny that he gave them all a unifying voice. Marvel fans of all kinds still loved seeing his cameos in any Marvel movie, but very few people likely ever think of wanting or trying to be or emulate him. And yet, in my own microcosm of reality, for one thankfully brief moment in time, that’s what I did.

Drawing of Stan for an early “Soapbox” verus the drawing I used for “The Box.” Stan always had better hair.
Me lampooned as a censoring devil in my own pages. Those are lyrics to U2’s “Numb” in panel 3. Ah, the 90's.

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