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Trump Ready to Die on Both Hills

A found poem made up of headlines from this past week’s stories

GOP senator disagrees with Trump on white supremacists.

ESPN anchor blasts Trump as “white supremacist.”

GOP senator expected to meet Trump to discuss race issues.

ESPN’s Jemele Hill called Trump a white supremacist.

Senator Tim Scott after President Trump meeting says he made issues clear.

Congress pushes Trump to condemn white supremacists.

Sean Hannity discusses racism with white panel.

White House: Trump “looks forward” to signing resolution condemning white supremacists.

Trump is disgusted by white supremacists, Paul Ryan says, because “his grandchildren are Jewish.”

An ESPN commentator criticized Trump. The White House wants her fired.

Senator Tim Scott says Trump has “obviously reflected” since Charlottesville.

GOP senator “encouraged” by meeting with Trump on race, Charlottesville.

White House: Jemele Hill’s tweets about Trump are a “fireable offense.”

Can the Senate’s only black Republican help Trump solve his race problem?

Senator Tim Scott: Trump “was very receptive to listening.”

Trump renews talk of “bad dudes” opposing white supremacists.

Trump says “alt-left” also to blame for death in Charlottesville.

Trump says he was vindicated for his comments about Charlottesville: “People are saying… Trump had a point.”

Trump demands ESPN “apologize for untruth.”Will Trump call white supremacists “losers”?

Trump repeats claims that both sides are to blame for Charlottesville.

Trump to sign resolution condemning white nationalist groups.

Trump signs resolution condemning white supremacy.

Trump revives debate on hate groups, then condemns them.

Trump attacks ESPN over Jemele Hill’s comments.

ESPN chief says Jemele Hill’s Trump tweet violated company standards.

Al Sharpton: we’ll boycott ESPN if Jemele Hill gets fired.

Kid Rock calls out Al Sharpton & says “P.P.S. I LOVE BLACK PEOPLE!!”

Jemele Hill apologizes to ESPN for Trump tweet.

ESPN says it accepts Hill’s apology for Trump tweets.

Ted Nugent offers to teach Jemele Hill how to be respectful of Presidents.

ESPN tried to replace Jemele Hill with another black reporter.

Can Senator Tim Scott help President Trump understand race in the United States?

White House photo caption calls South Carolina senator “Tom Scott.”

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