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We Go High, They Go Deep

A found poem compiled from September’s alternative fact headlines

Trump exposes invisible enemy hidden in dark shadows! Deep State panic!

CDC and Fauci Confirm! COVID-19 Scamdemic was a hoax!

Boom! New data explodes COVID case count lie!

Dark forces infiltrated the US by blackmailing those at the top!

The truth shall be revealed about 9/11!

Fabricating a pandemic! Who could organize it and why?!?

ANTIFA! BLM! Drones! Mug shots! Hybrids! Something’s very wrong!

Anthony Fauci’s first fraud exposed!

The real agenda! Their end game!

Military was the key! Deep State events failed! Public awakening!

Patriots have known all along! The exposure will destroy the Deep State!

A coup in the making!

Is a military coup next?!?

9/11 Truth Coming Out Fast!

Feds start sweeping up Antifa across the nation!

Her cover is finally blown! Hillary Clinton to jail!

Patriots forced the Deep State hand early! Trap of traps! Red October!

Bombshell evidence! COVID Is chromosome 8 human DNA!

George Soros is on the chopping-block!

Trump to pardon Edward Snowden and Julian Assange!

Trump is dismantling the cabal!! High profile arrests you didn’t know about!

Deep State and Deep Church make their move!

Military coup! What is planned and names behind the plan!

We are under attack! Act accordingly!

Evil COVID lies and people died!

The patriots are now exposing the Deep State to the entire world!

COVID-19 was Planned to Usher in the New World Order!

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