How 9/11 ended my time in the food service industry

I’ve heard several stories from friends and loved ones about how the first year of the COVID pandemic helped change their lives for the better. As an essential worker, I have a hard time relating, but it’s true that opportunities come up and you can prosper during hard times. 9/11 was the furthest thing from a “good” day in my life or anyone’s, but for me it was a catalyst that eventually led to an opportunity to change my life. Even then, it was only through work and luck (and more than a little privilege) that I was eventually able…

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A found poem compiled from August’s alternative fact headlines

The Great Awakening of We The People!

Biden set to announce new lockdown through 2022 midterm elections!

It’s not a disease! It’s a biological weapon!

The most extraordinary military intelligence operation of all-time!

There are 100 million + militia ready to go!

The level of Corruption in our country is so severe, there is only one way!

We’re getting close to game time! Distractions incoming!

Does the delta variant come from being vaccinated?

Walmart underground New World Order tunnel network!

Trump is still President! Controls U.S. military!

Q: Special operations election sting!

Is COVID a massive ultra psyop?!?

Former armypPsyops…

Why he wants America to get back to work so badly

Laura Ingraham: “What if we just cut off the unemployment? Hunger is a pretty powerful thing.”

John Taffer: “They only feed a military dog at night, because a hungry dog is an obedient dog. Well, if we are not causing people to be hungry to work…”

After reading those tweeted and retweeted quotes and watching the video footage, I wanted to start this article with a blunt, searing sentence in response to Jon Taffer’s appearance on Laura c’s Fox News show. Jon Taffer is scum. Jon Taffer is reprehensible.

Deep State Panics As Their Narrative Crumbles!

A found poem compiled from July’s alternative fact headlines

Will Georgia or Arizona be first to de-certify?

Doctors agree the Covid vaccine is a bioweapon!

Trump hints he never left!

There’s a pandemic?!? Where is it?!?

Democrats pledge allegiance to communism!

Proof arrests are happening!

It had to be this way! People can never forget!

Deep State panics as their narrative crumbles!

General Mike Flynn publicly endorses Q! Conspiracy no more!

Arizona audit bombshell! “It’s going to shock the country!”

Military occupation! Q: Class Action! Big tech weapons!

We The People will not back down or give up!

Bill Gates death panels tip of the iceberg!

Everything has meaning…

So I decided to look at “Master of the Universe: Revelations”

For the first time in my life, TV seems like too much work. I don’t normally have time to binge-watch, let alone write articles about what I binged. Luckily, I chanced upon some unexpected free time, and the new series “Masters of The Universe: Revelation“ came out on Friday. Plus it was only five episodes if you don’t include the behind-the-scenes special, which I skipped. I leapt into it after witnessing the backlash where a lot of fanboys raged against the show for basically no reason. …

A found poem compiled from June’s alternative fact headlines

Trump will be reinstated! Trump Won!

Q: Watch the water!

States Will Lead The Charge! The people will decide!

Constitution is the only way!

Military start! Blackout necessary!

Facing The Deep State beast! A consuming fire is raging!

Hang on tight! Stuff is happening! Pray!

Deep State panic! The Arizona audit will be the gold standard!

Deadly Deep State Vaccine Warfare!

Family members of Mitt Romney hospitalized! Cause: vaccination!

Q+ Trump is saving millions of lives! (2)

If one Deep State player falls, they all fall!

We are taking back our country!

Fauci, Gates, Big pharm busted! The Deep State…

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